Gable Decorations

When I picked up this little farmhouse kit, I had the idea to turn it into a modern style farmhouse. It’s a beautiful kit as is, but I can’t leave anything well enough alone. When I got to the gable attic vents that came with the kit, I realized I was not in love with the rounded faceplate on the vent. After testing it in the gable I decided to take it apart and make it a little less frilly.

The gable attic vent as provided with the kit.

I don’t plan on making the windows provided with the kit, so I used some of the trim for that and made my own vent cover. I feel like it will fit my overall look much better!

I added some 1/2″ and 1/4″ square dowels from my stash to add the wood elements. I stained them using Varathane Hickory gel stain. I added some corbels from the kit to jazz things up a bit. I used 1/8″ square dowels to achieve the vertical batten siding look.

I repeated the process with the smaller vent above the second story porch. It’s starting to look exactly as I had pictured and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Next on my list is the second story balcony floor and railings. Stay tuned…

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