Farmhouse Bricks

Written by Little Vintage Lane


Posted on November 27 2023

I'm excited to share with you my "I have no clue what I'm doing" bricks today! I started this house with the intention to have fun and make a modern style farmhouse. I love this look (as do most people I think!) and when I found this kit I knew it would be the perfect house for my plans. I had originally planned to do a wood porch, but with all the wood accents I already added, it was just too much boring brown. So I set out to find some bricks that would fit the bill. I scoured Pinterest looking at different ideas and I fell in love with the old tumbled white washed bricks. I looked at just about every miniature site to see if I could find the perfect such luck. This meant a little DIY and some imagination.

I found these red blend bricks on and settled on the fact that I was going to have to get creative. I liked that on the website these appeared to have a little color variation and not so perfectly square as I have seen other miniature bricks. I got to work pretty quickly once they arrived.

I wanted to added some more subtle and not so subtle color variation to my bricks so I got my General Finishes glazes and got to work. I used some painters tape upside down to hold the bricks while I glazed them. After dipping the brush in the glaze, I dabbed it on some paper towel to get it to a dry brush consistency. I first applied the brown glaze working from left to right and stopping about two-thirds of the way. Then I used the white and went right to left, skipping a few of the lighter brown bricks in the middle.
After doing a strip of bricks, I would mix it with some of the natural bricks and then started gluing them to my porch at random. There really was no rhyme or reason to my methods (there usually isn't).
I could have left them as is and sealed and grouted them, but they were just too clean and new feeling still. So I took a gamble and got my Dremel and prayed I wouldn't have to take them all off and start over. I used some bits that I picked up at a local hardware store. They are an off brand and relatively cheap, but perfect for minis.

I tested to see how it worked on a couple of bricks and then decided the heck with it, and just went all in. I loosely held my Dremel and had it on the lowest speed and guided it down the edges of the bricks. I let it bounce around a little to give it a less than perfect look. Sometimes it would bounce across the tops of the bricks and at first I panicked that the scratches it was creating would ruin my look, but it did the opposite I think. It gave it a time worn look without much effort. I also randomly drilled bigger holes and dented edges in random places.

For the grout I decided to see what I already had at home. I should have ordered grout when I ordered my bricks, but I got side tracked looking at other stuff and completely overlooked it. I am too impatient to wait once I start going on something, so I found some drywall putty and decided to give it a go.

I put some in a separate container and mixed just a smidge of water in to make it easier to spread. As I was wiping the "grout" off, I noticed that despite the sealant, some of the bricks were rubbing off into my grout. So I started to dab at it with my wet rag instead of wipe. And let me say I loved how it started to look! Exactly how I had imagined.
So there you have it, some pretty easy farmhouse bricks! I still have to finish bricking the rest of the porch and foundation, but I was too excited not to share. Hope you enjoyed!
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